The general style of Kathy’s yoga and Pilates classes is referenced below. Of course Kathy will adapt a class or session to meet the clients’ needs, targeting specific muscles groups or areas of concern as appropriate.

Kathy’s yoga classes focus on breath awareness, strength, balance, agility and core strengthening. Kathy uses a different theme every week for her classes, hip openers, spine twisting, etc., and incorporates appropriate standing postures, balance work and Sun Salutations to support the focus on the practice. Kathy also uses Pilates based core exercises in her classes to strengthen and tone the abdominals, back and waistline.

Kathy’s Pilates classes use a variety of exercises to work the upper and lower abdominals, the waistline and the obliques, the upper and lower back as well as work for the hips, and inner and outer thigh. Special attention is paid to breath and working with a neutral spine.

Places to Find Kathy

Stanford University

El Camino YMCA

Page Mill YMCA




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NEW personal training weight lifting session Tuesday nights from 5:30-6:30p. Email me if you are interested in joining this hard working/fun group.

Saturday 9:30am yoga now offered on the first and third Saturday only of each month. Schedule subject to change, watch for emails.

Thought for October: It’s time to wake up and stop being just comfortable. Paraphrased from Michael Bernard Beckwith.